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Slack Guide For Our Pro and Premium Users
Slack Guide For Our Pro and Premium Users
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Why We Prefer Slack For Our Pro Users?

Slack is one of the coolest and convenient ways to communicate and share files and information with your designer instantly. You get easy access to this messaging app as soon as you sign up to our Pro or Premium services. You will get a separate private chat channel where you can collaborate with your designer directly and get your designs delivered faster.

You can share your feedback, revisions, images or any other notes with your designer and get an instant reply during their business hours.

How To Set Up Your Slack Account?

Once you sign up to our Pro or Premium service and get done with your onboarding process, you will receive an invitation link to join your slack channel.

All you have to do is join our private channel by clicking on the shared link and set up your profile by adding your photo and details.

You can access your Slack private channel from any part of the world through your desktop app or web app. You can also download its mobile version through your phone’s application store.

You can chat with your designer, your Account Manager and a selected few members of our technical and production team privately.

Designers’ Availability on Slack

Your dedicated designers business hours start from 9 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time and any messages dropped at this time will be replied instantly. If you drop a message or query out of this business time will be answered during their next work shift.

Using Special Tags in Slack

You can use special tags in Slack to let a specific person or a group notify that you have dropped a message for them.

You can simply use the “@” symbol and tag the person or group’s name. Still not clear?

Here’s an example of how to use it?

There are about multiple persons in the private channel group and you want to send a message specifically to your designer whose name is Karen.

Hello @Karen, I loved the designs you shared with me yesterday. Can you please swap the logo from the bottom right corner to top left corner?’

In case of any queries related to dashboard or billing, you can address it to one of our technical persons or customer support executives.

  • ‘@Patrick I couldn’t attach files to the dashboard. Kindly rectify it ASAP’.

  • ‘@Andrew I can’t access my invoices on the dashboard. Can you send it to my email address ASAP’

Do you want to get the attention of all your group members? Simply use @here or @everyone and type in your message.

  • @everyone I am looking forward to upgrade to your annual plan. Someone, please suggest me on what to do’

Uploading Files and Photos Through Slack

  • You can make your conversation more interesting and playful by using different emojis. Just click on the Emoji icon and feel free to use emojis and display your moods!

  • You can show us your love with fun pictures. You can upload images and files directly from your desktop. Simply click on the Attach File icon in the message bar.

As you are on a private channel, you will be able to chat only with the guests available on the channel and the conversation will be visible only to the people on the channel.

A whole lot of help guide is available on the Slack Help Center page. You can access it by clicking on this link 👇

Adding Multiple Users

You have exclusive permission to add upto five members of your team to your Pro Slack channel. The members can send in their requests and get connected with your dedicated designer directly.

In order to avoid any confusions, you should keep a point person in your group where your dedicated designer can reach out for clarification.

If your team sends multiple requests and your dedicated designer might need clarification on which request should be worked on first. He would reach out to the point person to get instructions on which request should be taken up as a priority. It would be much easier for him to follow a single person’s advice and deliver the design faster rather than following multiple people’s instructions and getting confused.

Swap Channels

If you are already using Slack and swapping between your workgroup and our private Slack channel is frustrating? You can just intimate us through an email. We can change your existing Slack channel to a shared one, where you can manage both the team members easily.

Send us your Slack URL and your admin’s email address to accept the invitation sent by the Slack team. It will all be done in a jiffy!

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