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Learn everything you need to know about our billing structure
Learn everything you need to know about our billing structure
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You don’t have to renew your subscription every month! All Time Design has an automated subscription renewal system and your account will be renewed every month based on the plan you have chosen. It will help you get an uninterrupted design services.

We follow four billing patterns at All Time Design - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and Annual. Let’s say, If you subscribed to our monthly plan on 5th day of the month, your subscription will be renewed automatically on 5th of every month.

In case you subscribed to our quarterly, half-yearly or annual plan, your next billing will fall on 5th day of 3rd, 6th or 12th months later respectively.

If you have no remembrance of your sign-up date, you can check your billing date by visiting your Billing Page.

Subscription Cancellation and Billing Failure

When your subscription is renewed automatically, amount will be deducted from the credit card you have provided upon your sign up process. If there is an insufficient balance or if your credit card has expired, your account will be automatically terminated and you can no longer access your files.

Once your payment is bounced, you will receive your first notice from us. We will try to charge back again for next two weeks at a regular interval of three days.

If the card is bounced after two weeks, your account will be automatically cancelled and closed.

Just to avoid any unexpected cancellation of your account, we recommend you to keep your card details updated and funded. You can update your credit card details in your All Time Design dashboard.

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