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All Time Design’s Pro Service
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As our esteemed Pro customer, you can communicate with your dedicated designer directly and get your designs delivered faster. We choose only an experienced and professional designer for our Pro customers so that the designs delivered are only of high quality. The customer support you receive will be world class and can chat in real time with your dedicated designers through Slack.

How Is Our Pro Plan Different From Standard Plan?

Your Pro designer reports to work every Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM Central Standard Time (CST). All your requests will be taken up by your designers and processed during this time.

As you can find your dedicated designer working during the business hours, you will be able to communicate with them instantly through an exclusive chat channel, Slack. You will be invited to Slack through email as soon as you sign up to our Pro plan.

You can add one user to your Slack channel per one Pro account. If you would like to add more users to the channel, then you might need to sign up to more Pro accounts. It's one user per account. You can still submit your design requests through

Additionally, the scope of services you receive is much higher than that of what you receive under our Standard Plan. Our Pro customers can request,

  • Animated GIFs

  • Landing Page designs (here we mean only designs and not coding)

  • Logos for your brands

  • Advanced Infographics

  • Powerpoint presentations

Though we promise for a same-day delivery for our Pro customers, the delivery time may get extended depending upon the complexity of your requests.

How Much Should I Pay To Become Your Pro Customer?

Our Pro plan starts at $999/month. You get 5%-25% off on signing up to our quarterly/half-yearly/annual plans. Schedule a live call with our specialist to know more about the promotional offers.

How To Submit Your Pro Requests?

Your dedicated designers take up your requests every business day based on the queue priority. Our Pro tip is to submit your requests at least two hours before the end of their shifts, so that your request will be worked upon and delivered on the same day.

What’s The Best Way To Sign Up For Pro Plan?

There are many ways to sign up to our Pro plan. One of the easiest way is to reach out to our service specialists and they will help you with the on-board process.

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