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How Can You Help Your Designers Get Creative?
How Can You Help Your Designers Get Creative?
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Your designers check for your inspirations link or image and try to follow it as closely as possible. They follow your instructions and the brand guidelines carefully while creating designs for you.

At times, you may feel that the final design was not what you were expecting and you might want them to try out something new and different.

These handy tips will help you squeeze the creative juice out of your designers.

Use some really encouraging phrases to knock the best out of your designers.

  • Please give us some ideas or moods on this brand

  • I would like to see the extent of your creativity on this one.

  • Let’s see how trendy and creative can you get on with this request.

  • How about we try some thing new and exciting?

Our pro tip is to give few instructions and more inspirations to show us what you want and what NOT.

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