How Do I Submit Bug Report?
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All Time Design has a super-efficient technical team to provide smooth and uninterrupted services to all of their customers. At times, some unexpected bugs or issues might pop up to cause real troubles.

If you ever face any technical difficulties while using All Time Design platform, we would like you to log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat with the following details,

  • Your registered email address

  • Brief description of the issue. Such as denial message on submission of new request, Failed to receive email notification, etc.,

  • Detailed description of the issue. You need to be as descriptive as possible for us to understand the problem and find an instant solution for it.

  • Share an attachment such as screenshots of the bugs or videos of what is happening with your software etc., to the mail. That way, we would be able to find out the bugs and fix it pretty much faster.

Our technical team will get down to their business as soon as they receive your mail. You will be notified once the issue is resolved.

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