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How To Request For A T-Shirt Design?
How To Request For A T-Shirt Design?
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T-shirts are the best way to promote your brand, event or organisation. If you are planning to design a creative t-shirt for any special event, we have many professional designers in our team to help you get one.

All you have to do is to log in to your All Time Design platform and use the following template to send us your design request.

Request Name

Iron Man t-shirt design

Request Details

Hello Karen,

We are running a marathon this month for adults and children in Florida. We would like you to create a t-shirt design for our team with Iron man theme. The design should have our brand logo and iron man logo.

We are looking for something fun and stylish.

Design Size


Our Target Audience

Though both adults and kids are requested to participate in the marathon, our main focus is on the kids between the age group 7-13 years old.

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