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Sample Request: Tradeshow Banner
Sample Request: Tradeshow Banner
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Are you planning to design a powerful banner to display your brand in the upcoming trade show? You can use the following example and send us your request.

Design Request

Parallel Trade Show Banner

Request Details

I am planning on designing a hanging banner for our fitness center so that I could display it in the upcoming trade show.

The banner should have a catchy image in the center with our center’s logo on the top left corner.

The design should have a copy “Energize your life.” You can enlarge the text and place it on the image. (Just like the one in the reference).

You can use the colors from our logo to emphasise our brand and make the banner stand out from the crowd.

File Size

160*600 pxl

Our Target Audience

Male and Female between the age group of 25 - 40 years.

Inspiration Link

You can use your own creatives and come up with something like the one or more similar to this tradeshow banners examples from google

Things you should avoid

Cluttered and unprofessional designs

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