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How Do I Request for Social Media Design?
How Do I Request for Social Media Design?
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A good social media design can pull a great deal of traffic to your business page. If you are looking out for creating engaging graphics for your social media page, then follow this easy example to send us your design request.

Request Name

Black Friday Promotional Graphics for Cart Tech Zone

Description for Your Request

I would like you to create social media graphics for the listed pages and in mentioned sizes.

  • Instagram Post with the size 1080 x 566

  • Facebook Carousel Ad with the size 254 x 133 pixels

  • LinkedIn profile picture with the size 400 x 400

Inspiration Images

How about you create something like images I have shared?

File Size

As mentioned above.

My Targeted Audiences are,

Corporate people between the age group of 25 - 50 years.

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