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What Should You Do If You Find Error While Submitting Requests Via Email?
What Should You Do If You Find Error While Submitting Requests Via Email?
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There are times when you would send us your design requests but it refused to reach out to your designer and received an error message, instead.

You can stop worrying as you can find a solution for your woe below.

One of the main reasons for this accidental error is that you are trying to submit a request with your unregistered email address. In such cases, our system gets confused and pops up the error message immediately.

How can you fix this problem by yourself?

You make sure to send requests only through your registered email address. That way, our system can recognise you and accept your request instantly.

If you logged in with your registered email address and still face the same issue, you can resolve it in seconds with the following methods,

  1. Restart your computer.

  2. Clear all your cookies/cache

  3. Check for your email address. At times you might have multiple accounts and might have logged in with an unregistered email address.

Do ensure to use your registered email address and save yourself from the trouble.

None of the above solutions work best for you?

If you need any further clarifications, log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat here. One of our specialists will definitely find an instant solution for you.

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