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Design Deadlines and Delivery Speed
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“When can I expect my design?” It’s the frequent question that our customer asks every time they post their design request.

Frankly, that’s the tricky question to answer. Though we follow a standard turnaround time for both Standard and Pro plan customers, the process and delivery of the design depend purely on three main factors.

  1. Duration of the working relationship between you and your designer.

  2. The total number of requests you queued up in your dashboard.

  3. The complexity of your request.

Every business day, your designer checks your account for requests and works in the order they are received. If you have posted multiple requests or one complex request for that matter, then the design delivery will be affected reportedly.

If you are in a rush and want to finish off your design requests fast, we suggest that you try our Pro Plan. Your requests will be processed and delivered more quickly. Just to make sure that we deliver only excellent designs to you, we follow our own schedule.

How about you give us a try and know how valuable our services can be for your business?

If you aren’t pleased with our design or services, you can cancel it within 14 days and get a full refund.

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