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The Way We Process Your Design Requests
The Way We Process Your Design Requests
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Are you curious to know what happens once you drop in your design requests? Here’s what we do as soon as we receive your easy or complex design requests.

  1. Our Account Manager picks up your request on every business day and analyses if the request falls under our scope of services. If it is out of our scope, he/she replies back to you instantly to reconsider your request. If not, it will be sent directly to your dedicated designer.

  2. Once the request reaches your dedicated designer’s desk, he/ she will go through your design brief. If they have any unresolved doubts or queries on your brief, he/she will send you a quick email to get the required clarifications and gets on to work as soon as their query is clarified.

  3. Your completed design is then passed on to our Quality Checker for verification. He sends back the design to your designer in case of any revisions.

  4. Final perfect designs will be delivered to you by your designer after a thorough quality check.

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