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How Do I Edit a Request?
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You posted a design request on your dashboard and had a change of heart later. Thinking on what to do?

Don’t worry, you can edit your request with two easy ways.

  1. Ask your designer to do it. Tell them what changes you need through your registered email. They will gladly do it for you. Or,

  2. Log in to your All Time Design dashboard and click on “All Requests” option.

Tap on the “New Request” and make edits to your request by clicking on the “Edit Request” option.

While editing requests through your All Time Design platform, keep in mind that only new revisions will be visible to your designer and he/she might not be able to see your preceding requests.

You should make sure to provide all the required information to your designer. So that they can deliver the perfect designs that will get them five stars!

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